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PLC Technologies Products

Few of our developed Software Products are listed below. Please take time to go through the products and kindly let us know your company requirement. We stand by to assist you in all your software development needs.

Automatic Employee Appraisal Information System.

The “Automatic Employee Appraisal Information System” mainly focus on appraisal information of an employee.

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Corporate Identification System with Professional Meetup.

A corporation is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity in a professional way.

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Systematic Engineering Books Purchasing System.

Now a days ‘Engineers plays an important role in each and every country.And every product in this world was designed or planed by an engineer.

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Online Fiber Coir Export Management System

This projects presents ‘Online Fiber Coir Export Management System provides support to user,admin and they have separate log-in.In this,admin can add the product details.

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Electronics Recycling Management System

The Electronics Recycling project is to collect e-waste, segregate the useable materials from e-waste and then reuse the materials for new product manufacturing .

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Online Commercial and Residence Renovation.

This Project used to normal user can view easily renovation agent details and agent profile. Normal user easily can choose best agent in the market.

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Online Updates of Bus Arrival Time

The bus arrival time is the primary information to most city transport travelers. Excessively long waiting time at bus stops often discourages the travelers and makes them reluctant to take buses.

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Border Alert System and Emergency Contacts for Fisherman Using GBS

This application developed for basic necessity to be aware of one’s safety. Fishermen facing some problem while they travel on boat for fishing .In some situations they are crossed the border.

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Heart Rate Monitors to Detect a Stress

In the proposed system we are implementing the heart rate monitor to detect the stress. Here, we are using the RFID tag for the individual persons to calculate the stress level of the particular person.

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RF Energy Harvesting and Management

An wireless charging by using RF energy harvesting.This paper deals with the harvesting of energy based on the RF source here the power is transfer from the antenna.

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Thyroid Disease Diagnosis using Ultrasonic Images

The thyroid gland is prone to several very distinct problems, some of which are extremely common

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Joint Feature Learning for Face Recognition

Ordinal measures from image intensity values have shown some robustness on face recognition. A novel facial feature extraction method named Gabor ordinal measures (GOM).

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Project Implementation Methodology

PLC Technologies deploys Rapid Implementation Methodology, with selective modifications in approach.Once you establish your software requirement, deployment is extremely rapid. PLC Technologies will use accelerators and suitable business process modeling tools which will result in improving implementation time and offer proven result. The following processes are carried out.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Development
  • QA / Testing
  • Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance
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